Why isnt my mouse working

It works well with any other program, but this is totally messing up any pvp whatsoever (xD).Solved: I woke up after using my laptop and the mouse on my laptop VAIO E series.

If there is any problem it should tell you so in the box at bottom.My laptop mouse touchpad is not working. you can reconnect the mouse to continue troubleshooting or changing settings.

Mouse not working/not recognized? - PC Pitstop Forums

Touchpad (mouse) stopped working - Asus Transformer Tablet

Hi, Have tried to connect separate external usb mouse to my laptop and all though they appear in the Control Panel (ect.) I cannot get either to work.Some users may experience issues with their keyboards not working as expected--possibly.

Mouse Troubleshooting in Windows 8 - dummies

I got the T100 back couple of weeks back and the Asus touchpad mouse is working well no issues.Searching for the right solution is frustrating because it could be a number of things from a loose connection to a missing driver, or even a physically broken mouse as well.I have various problems when using the mouse buttons. I have.Check the physical connections to be certain the mouse is securely plugged into the port on the computer, with no broken or damaged wires.

Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the lights on at MakeUseOf. Read more.The connection between the mouse and the USB receiver can be.Mouse Cursor Disappears in Chrome, but not in any other browser.

How to fix the intermittent keyboard and mouse randomly stopping working bug.If your talking about your wired mouse and saying it use to work,.Make sure software is up to date, if not just download the most recent version.One of the most annoying issues with Windows 10 is that keyboard and mouse no longer work after the update.

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PC Guide: The mouse is not working: it is not recognized by the system or the mouse drivers.

If there is a code, make sure to record it and then research it or post it here.But the mouse icon itself will not move around i am working on a project.

Cursor is disappearing when working in Word

Mouse on Transformer keyboard not working

Keyboard and Mouse Not Working after Windows 10 Upgrade. If your keyboard or mouse starts working,.

Why isn't my mouse working? - Linus Tech Tips

The mouse is not working. - posted in GTA San Andreas: I made a new user in my windows.Maybe by the time you read this your mouse will be working OK once more.

BEANTWORTET: Why isn't my mouse working? - Asus Laptop

After 5 seconds now reattach USB receiver and mouse battery and turn on you.

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Another one would be to fiddle with AutoHotKey or other such stuff to make something else be your right click.

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